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Precision Components & Engineers are dealing vast range  of optical and electro-optical measuring instruments, Optical Fabrication machines, Optical Glass, Special materials eg. Germanium, Optical components, Coating materials, sputtering targets of world renowned manufacturers since  last 15 years . We are  associated with  world leader OEM such as Tri-optics, Atago, Schott Glass, Labsphere, Nikon, Umicore, Thorlabs, Mitutoyo,

Labsphere Inc. USA :

Integrating Sphere based Light Metrology Hardware & Software. LED Test & Characterization System. Radiometers and Photometers, Spectrometers,  Optical Transmission & Reflectance Measurement System, Test & Calibration System for Cameras, Satellite Instrumentation, CCDs, CMOS, Focal Plane Arrays, Semiconductors,  Diffuse Reflectance Materials, Reflections Standard Targets, White, Grey & Colour Standards. Sun screen Analyser

Trioptics, Germany:

Complete range of optical testing, starting with standard optical test tools like Spherometers, Autocollimators, collimators, telescopes, Cementing & Centering Machine, Doublets, Mirrors and Mounts. MTF Measurement System etc.


Advanced Materials, Germanium, Coating Materials, Sputtering Targets, Precious Metals Products and Catalysts, Precious Metals Services and Zinc Specialties.  .

Schott Glass:

Advanced high-quality materials and components for sophisticated optical applications, Advanced high-quality   glass with excellent optical properties, BOROFLOAT Glass

ATAGO, Japan:

Abbe Refractrometer, Multi-wavelength Abbe Refractometer, Digital Refractometer, Hand held Refractometer PAL, Digital hand held ‘PEN’ Refractometer, Digital Refractometer ‘Palette’, Digital pH-Meter & EC Meter, Polarimeter/Saccharimeter, In-line Refractometer, In-line Brix Monitor, Digital Salt meter, Wine Refractometer, Chemical Refractometer.

Newport and Spectra-Physics USA:

Lasers , Light Sources, Fibre Optic Sources, Photonics & Instrumentation, Optics, Opto-Mechanics, Motion Control, vibration Control, Light Test & measurement Instruments, Spectroscopy Instruments etc.

Thorlabs, USA

Opto-mechanical mounts, Optical Rails, Modular Structures, Construction Rails, Mirror Mounts, Kinematic Mounts, Translation Stage, Cage Assembly System, Single & Multimode Fibre Coupler, Beam Expander, Optical components, ND Filters, Laser Line Filters, Laser Diode Current Controller  & Driver, WDM, DWDM, Optical Power Meter, Photo Detector, Multichannel Optical switch, Laser Goggles etc.    

Nikon Instruments, Japan:

Bright Filed Autocollimators, Dark Filed Autocollimators, Autocollimators and Accessories, Optical Flats, Optical Parallel Laboratory Microscope, Polarizing Microscope & Stereo Zoom Microscope, Wafer and Mask Microscope , Universal Microscope etc.

Edmund Optics, USA:

Entire Range of Optical Components, Instrument and Optical Consumables.

Fujinon Japan:

CCTV Day and Night Zoom Lenses,  Stabilized Day and Night Binoculars.

Carl Zeiss, Germany:

All type of Microscope and Scan Electronic Microscope. (SEM)

OP Mount, Taiwan:

Optical Mount, Kinetic Optical Stages Mount, Optical Benches, Optical Table, Vibration Isolation Optical Table. Universal Photonics
We have successfully supplied & installed nos. of instruments and components to the several renowned  government institutes  and organisation in India.
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